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Businesses rely on Davis Powers’ expertise to realize the power, scalability and security offered by the cloud, and to alleviate the day-to-day challenges of keeping cloud services running.

Let our engineers offer insight into your cloud infrastructure environment. Once it’s built we’ll handle all the maintenance and support.


Take advantage of Azure cloud services with Davis Powers’ team of Microsoft experts.

The Azure platform is a cloud computing service for managing applications and services designed from Microsoft servers. Azure’s as-a-service cloud computing model provides on-demand resources for deploying infrastructure and applications at scale.

Partner with Davis Powers to realize the Azure advantage with improved productivity, secure scalable resources and certified experts aligned to your business requirements.

Business Continuity & Backup

Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery provide a comprehensive solution for protecting data and applications in the cloud. Azure Backup helps organizations create backups of their data and store them in the cloud, while Azure Site Recovery provides a way to recover applications and workloads in the event of a disaster.

Cost Management

Azure can help reduce costs compared to on-premises solutions by only paying for the resources used.


Our cloud migration strategy involves a deep understanding of the business process to realize where data, applications and operations will live in the cloud. A migration roadmap is produced with options to deploy and support.


Azure IaaS is designed to quickly and easily deploy infrastructure resources in the cloud, without the need for upfront infrastructure investments or ongoing maintenance.


Having a solid identity access management foundation is vital to your organization for managing employee, client and partner permissions. Our Azure identity solutions help organizations by securing access to the connected world.


With Azure PaaS, development teams can use cloud-based services such as Azure App Service, Azure DevOps and Azure Functions to build, test and deploy their applications, without the need for upfront investments or ongoing maintenance.

Virtual Desktop

With Azure virtual desktop services and Davis Powers, you get the most secure, seamless and cost-saving virtual desktop solution on the market. We manage everything you need to stay productive without risks or disruption.

Microsoft 365

We empower your business to collaborate and share with co-workers and clients.

The Microsoft 365 platform is a cloud-based collection of applications and services that provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their productivity, security and mobility needs.

As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner, Davis Powers can help you maximize the ROI of your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 plan. Our team of Microsoft experts ensure that you can capitalize on the benefits of the service.

We offer licensing options, pricing plans, support, simplified contracts and terms to cover business cloud services. We help you select the right licenses for your organization and scale it to fit business needs.

License Management

Access, share and collaborate on all your files from anywhere, on any device. You can easily recover files from accidental delete or malicious attacks, keeping your information safe.

Office 365

Office 365 is a business productivity suite of applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint available anywhere on the web, mobile and desktop.


OneDrive for Business provides users with a personal online workspace where they can store, access and share their files and documents, as well as collaborate with others on projects and tasks. It’s a powerful and convenient way for users to store, access and share their files and documents in the cloud.

Outlook / Exchange

Exchange and Outlook provide a comprehensive solution for managing email, calendars, contacts and other personal information. Exchange offers robust collaboration features, while Outlook provides a rich and user-friendly interface for accessing your information.


SharePoint is a flexible platform that helps teams and organizations manage and collaborate on content more effectively. SharePoint integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 services, such as Office 365, OneDrive and Teams, making it easy to access and share content across the suite of services.


Teams provides a single, integrated platform for chat-based communication, file and screen sharing, meetings and more. Teams is designed to help teams of people work together more efficiently and effectively, by providing a central hub for all of their collaboration and communication needs.


Evolving protection tailored for the modern work environment.

Whether you are working remotely or on-premise, Davis Powers uses industry-standard tools and services to protect against security threats, phishing and malware attempts.

Cloud Security

Our cloud security services assist organizations in safeguarding their data and ensuring compliance in the cloud. Our solutions help organizations secure their data in the cloud by providing visibility and control over cloud app usage and data, as well as advanced threat protection for cloud apps and infrastructure.

Compliance & Assurance

As the landscape of cyber threats changes, so do compliance regulations. Partner with Davis Powers to avoid the costly consequences of non-compliance, lost productivity and revenue loss. Our experts will help you navigate the constantly evolving world of compliance standards and keep your business protected.

Endpoint Protection

Our endpoint protection service enhances network and cloud security to provide the best defense against data breaches and malicious threats. Our managed detection and IT security services include proactive threat hunting to protect your IT infrastructure, including cloud environments, from cyber attacks.

MFA | SSO Identity

Having a solid identity access management foundation is vital to your organization for managing employee, client and partner permissions. Our identity solutions help organizations by securing access to the connected world.

Security Awareness

Cybersecurity awareness training empowers employees with the skills and knowledge to identify and respond to threats. This type of training often includes videos, articles and simulated threat tests to teach best practices in IT security and help employees understand how to reduce vulnerability and meet industry compliance requirements.


Empower your business to operate effectively with our portfolio of SaaS apps.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are a range of cloud-based business applications that can help your organization reach its goals through innovation.

Business Continuity & Backup

Our Business continuity and backup solutions help organizations minimize data loss and improve data protection in the event of natural disasters or security breaches.


Our cybersecurity solutions include endpoint software, firewall protection and email security services that are designed to protect an organization's data and systems from today's cyber threats.

License Management

Our team can procure, manage and support your SaaS subscriptions on a daily basis, ensuring that your applications are updated and optimized while significantly reducing the workload for your IT department.


We support and manage cloud-based applications that help businesses and individuals increase their productivity by providing tools for tasks such as project management, time tracking and document collaboration.


With our VoIP services, businesses can make and receive calls using their existing internet connection, eliminating the need for separate phone lines and phone hardware. We partner with the leading providers like RingCentral, 8x8, Microsoft Teams, Logmein and Zoom.

Rely on us to strengthen and monitor your cloud security posture.

Threats are everywhere. Davis Powers is always adapting so that we can provide the cyber strategy and protection needed today.

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Leverage our experience for your business needs. Our solutions meet today’s modern work security challenges to ensure compliance at its highest level.

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